Syncconsole / Syncbox & Dockingstation

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Podcatchers have to be recharged periodically. This is done, along with installing any new software for the player and receiving new audio files that have been published, by putting them into a docking station. The docking station is connected to power and to a PC with the Podcatcher Sync software installed. A computer configured in such a way is known as a ‘Sync Console’ and is provided by us. All customers which already have our system in use (since before June 2020)  will have a Sync Console at their location. If they would like to add Podcathers to their basic setup, or for a temporary exhibition, they will receive a Sync Console.
Please have a look on this page to learn more about the Sync Console

Since June 2020 we are also implementing a new product, called the Syncbox. This has the same functionality as the Sync Console but is not a windows based PC, but a compact computer, designed by Guide ID.
Every new customer will receive the Syncbox.
Please have a look on this page to learn more about the Syncbox

For every location where you’d like to synchronize your Podcatchers (such as a hand-out point) a Sync Console or Syncbox needs to be set up to be able to sync them. By default, the Sync Console and Syncbox will attempt to synchronize files on a daily basis at 19:00 (7 PM) local time.

If you want to add your own PC as an additional Sync Console please see these links; click here to learn more about installing the required software, or click here to go to the computer specifications page