What should I keep in mind when designing the labels?

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What should be taken into account when designing the labels for the Podcatcher and/or IDentifier?

The design of the labels can be made based on templates. In the design module you’ll find a few locked fields which cannot be changed, such as the A/B/C buttons on the Podcatcher and the black ‘footer’ with the Guide ID text on the Podcatcher and IDentifier.

What kind of design can I make for my IDentifier label?

Most of our customers use one of the following in the design of their IDentifiers;

  • A Wifi icon
  • An audio speaker symbol
  • A symbol / logo or icon which complements the exhibition
  • Another logo (for instance from the museum)
  • Or just a certain type of color

It can be anything you like, most ideal is when the design complements the Podcatcher design.

Using multiple designs for your IDentifiers (for instance numbers stop 1 – 25 or a range of different symbols) for which you only need to order 1 or 2 labels can be more expensive. Please contact our Customer Support at helpdesk@guide-id.com for more information.

Start IDentifier labels

You can offer a tour in many languages. To activate the right language on your Podcatcher you must point your Podcatcher at a Start IDentifier (this is a normal IDentifier connected as Start IDentifier trigger in the Toureditor). To distinguish the languages, we use labels. When you start as a new customer you will receive a package containing 10 different Start IDentifier language labels; NL/BE/UK/USA/FR/IT/DE/SP/MEX/Kids. 

If you would like to add any additional language labels, please let our Customer Support know at helpdesk@guide-id.com and we will add them to the shipment.

If you would like to make custom language designs for the Start IDentifiers, you can design and order them using our design module. But keep in mind, ordering 1 or 2 labels of an individual design can be more expensive.