What should I keep in mind when designing the labels?

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What should be taken into account when designing the labels for the Podcatcher and/or IDentifier?

The design of the labels can be made based on the Adobe Illustrator templates. You’ll find a few locked fields that can’t be changed, such as the buttons and the black ‘footer’ for the Guide ID text.

What kind of design can I make for my IDentifier label?

Most of our customers use one of the following in the design of their IDentifiers;

  • A Wifi icon
  • An audio speaker symbol
  • A symbol / logo or icon which complements the exhibition
  • Another logo (for instance from the museum)
  • Or just a certain type of color

It can be anything you like, most ideal is when the design complements the Podcatcher design.

What we can’t do is add numbers (for instance stop 1 – 25). Because then we have to deliver a separate design for each number, and there is a maximum of 3 IDentifier designs per client / exhibition.

Of course you are always free to add a number (for instance a sticker) on top of the labels yourself.

Is it possible to change the A, B, C buttons on the Podcatcher label design?

No, it is not.

What information does Guide ID need if it’s going to design a label for me?

If we make a design for the labels, please provide your logo and the image to be used in accordance with these specifications: everything in .eps or .jpg with the largest possible resolution.
The design will always be emailed to you for approval before it’s printed.