Repairs? or returning your equipment?

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If you have faulty Podcatchers in need of some TLC, you can send them to us and we will replace them free of charge.  As soon as we have received the Podcatchers, we will make sure to send new players back within 5 working days. If you really need the players on site ASAP for your visitors, we can send the return players upfront as soon as you can provide a shipping receipt to us. 


When sending hardware from abroad please specify for the customs that your shipment contains “warranty goods for repair” or “return shipment of rental equipment”

All hardware can be wrapped in a box (or more boxes in case of big quantities). Please wrap the hardware carefully and make use of padding material to avoid damaging. Make sure to separate the Podcatchers and IDentifiers from each other while in a box.

The box(es) can be shipped to:

Guide ID
Attn.: Return Department
Leeuwenbrug 97A
7411 TH Deventer
The Netherlands

When sending back (faulty) hardware, the best thing is to use a courier for the return shipment (ex. UPS / FEDEX etc.). Using the local mail can take a long time before we receive the hardware. Please let us know the shipment is on it’s way (preferably with a track&trace) and always make sure to add the sender’s details (who is sending the package to us) and to add the value of the package. For Podcatchers this value is 12 euro per piece, IDentifiers 5 euro per piece, Dockingstations 18 euro per piece and the Syncbox 125 euro per piece.

Shipments with PostNL

Please note that since the 1st of July, PostNL has made changes in their notification process. This means they no longer leave a paper note behind when delivering a package to us outside office hours. They only send a digital notification.
So make sure to specify our email adres; when sending a package with PostNL to avoid the package being send back to you and double your shipment costs.