Tour – Export Scripts

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This page serves as a tool to quickly export all script text to a file (or print it), for use by an audio recording studio.

First, select a language to export, then decide whether you only want to export the text for Clips that don’t yet have audio uploaded, and click [ Export script ].

Next, review the script that appears and click the [ Print script ] button. This will open up your browser’s print document dialog.

To save it as a PDF file, change the printer (“destination” in Google Chrome, “printer name” in Mozilla Firefox) to “save as PDF” or “Microsoft Print to PDF” – either works. Click ‘OK’ or ‘Print’ until the printer would normally start doing its thing and you’ll instead see a ‘save file’ dialog from your browser. Save it somewhere you can find it again and click ‘Save’. Now you can simply e-mail it to the audio recording studio; the instructions should be simple enough for them to deliver the files in the requested format.

Refer to this article on how to import the studio’s audiofiles in bulk.