Introduction to the Podcatcher hardware

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This article intends to familiarize you with the concepts that make the Podcatcher work. It’s a short introduction about our different hardware products that are needed for a working audio guide.


The Podcatcher is our main device and visitors use it by pointing at an IDentifier, much like a TV remote. The Podcatcher will then play the audio associated with it. The IDentifier has a sticker on the back with a code; it sends this code out using infrared signals. By linking this code to a stop in the Podcatcher Portal, the Podcatcher knows which audio to play when it’s pointed at an IDentifier.


IDentifiers are the small square devices used to – as its name implies – identify which audio should be played when a Podcatcher receives its signal.

There are a handful of different kinds of IDentifiers. The most basic and most common one is called an Object IDentifier. It’s typically used in conjunction with an object, artwork or room. Visitors point their Podcatcher at the IDentifier, and the Podcatcher starts playing the audio. An IDentifier can be used in multiple Tours, for example the adults’ and childrens’ Tours can use the same IDentifier but with different audio.

Starting an audio tour is done with a Start IDentifier. These start a Tour in a given language and usually have a country’s flag printed on the front to indicate what language it is. A particular Start IDentifier can only be used once per audio tour, because otherwise the Podcatcher would not know which audio tour to start.

There are other IDentifiers as well. For more information about all the IDentifiers, please read the article about IDentifiers.

Dockingstation and sync console

Podcatchers have to be recharged periodically. This is done, along with installing any new software for the player and receiving new audio files that have been published, by putting them into a docking station. The docking station is connected to power and to a computer with the Podcatcher Sync software installed; a Sync Console. By default, the sync console will attempt to synchronize files daily at 19:00 (7 PM) local time.

If you want more in depth information about all the products, go to the homepage and unfold the tabs under ‘The Podcatcher System – Hardware’

Or read the Introduction to the Podcatcher Portal, the online system where you can built your audio tour.