How do I install and connect the Sync PC we have received?

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The sync pc is completely installed with all the necessary software. You should take the following steps:

  • Connect the Dockingstations to the PC using the USB cables. Or, when using multiple Dockingstations, plug them into the USB Hub using the USB Cables and then connect the USB Hub to the Pc.
  • Connect the Dockingstations and PC to the power socket.
  • Insert the Podcatchers into the Dockingstations.
  • Connect the PC to a wired internet connection and turn on the PC (Note: the whole set up needs to stay connected to power and internet 24/7).
  • Check if all the lights on the Dockingstations are green and the lights on the USB Hub are lit blue.
  • When ready, log on to the Podcatcher Portal > go to Sync > press “Sync Now”.
  • The content will be synced on to the Podcatchers.
  • As soon as the Podcatchers’ green LED lights up, they are ready and the content can be tested.