Advanced Syncconsole setup



Some computers need advanced settings to get the Podcatcher Sync program up and running. In this article you’ll find a couple of configuration options.

Proxy server

Some locations need to connect to the Internet through a proxy server. You can’t change this setting in the Podcatcher Sync program but you can still change it for the application. You can do this as follows:

  • Start the program ‘Notepad
  • Click File -> Open and navigate to the folder where the Podcatcher Sync program is installed. By default, this is ‘C:\Program Files\Guide ID\Podcatcher Sync.
  • Change the file types in the ‘open’-dialog from ‘text files (*.txt)‘ to ‘all files (*.*)
  • Select the file ‘Podcatcher Sync Service.exe.config‘ and open it. The extension .config might not be visible, if you click the wrong one it’ll show some garbled text. Should this happen, try again from the first step.
  • The file should open with readable text and start with <?xml version=”1.0″?>.
  • The last two lines of the file are currently </system.serviceModel> and </configuration>. Add the following information between the last line and the line before the last line:
 <defaultProxy enabled="true">
  <proxy bypassonlocal="true" proxyaddress="" />
  • Replace ‘‘ with the URL of your own proxy server.
  • Save the changes.
  • Restart the computer.