What is important for the placement of my (Start) IDentifiers ?

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Object IDentifiers

The minimum distance you have to keep in between 2 IDentifiers is 30 cm. The best height is 130 cm from the ground, this way they are easy to trigger for each person (tall/small/kids/visitors in a wheel chair etc.) The best way to mount them is horizontal against the wall / cabinet or post.

Outdoor; make sure the label is attached correct and firm and that the IDentifier is positioned upright (90 degree angle). Also, make sure water can flow away from the IDentifiers during/after rainfall

Indoor; When mounted flat on a table, they are not easy to trigger because of the angle. If you would like to mount them on a flat service always make sure to tilt them towards the visitor, preferably in a 45 degree angle


The IDentifier is able to trigger a Podcatcher within 30 cm on average.

Start IDentifiers

The minimum distance you have to keep in between is 30 cm. With multiple languages it’s best to hang them staggered diagonal from each other so the visitor does not accidentally activate another language when bringing the Podcatcher to his/her ear.

If you only have a limited space to place them, not enough room to place all your language IDentifiers, you can contact our helpdesk so we can make a change in the settings, which makes it possible to place them closer together.