How can I prevent Podcatchers from going into an error state?

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Podcatcher we receive for repairs often don’t include a description of what’s wrong with them, and sometimes returned players seem to work just fine. To give you a better understanding of the general meaning of the lights on the Podcatchers and the required action, we have made the Podcatcher LED Status sheet.  Combining that and the Podcatcher LED Error sheet you can determine whether or not a Podcatcher (in an error state) needs to be sent for repairs.

Although we always replace our Podcatchers (which are in an error state or need to be repaired) free of charge, we would like to prevent you from unnecessarily spending money on shipping costs.

To make optimal use of our system and prevent your Podcatchers from going into an error state it’s important to:

  • Place a Podcatcher back into the Dockingstation when returned after use, so it can charge again
  • Firmly push the Podcatcher into a slot when placing it back into the Dockingstation
  • Place all Podcatchers back into the Dockingstations at the end of the day, so they can charge and sync overnight
  • Always sync replacement Podcatchers (whether for missing or repaired players), because they do not hold the content yet
  • You can try syncing a Podcatcher with an error in a different slot to make sure the problem doesn’t lie in the Dockingstation slot
  • Make sure the Sync Console is up, running and connected to a wired internet connection 24/7

If the Podcatcher has been physically damaged, has a distorted sound or makes a rattling sound when shaken, it needs to be replaced. Hardware defects can’t be solved by syncing the player.