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Mobile Website

Our new Mobile Website has been devised to give visitors the opportunity, in addition to the Podcatchers in the museum, to follow the audio tour online via their own mobile device, such as a mobile phone.

How does it work for the visitor?

By means of a QR code or a link to the Mobile Website: and entering your unique code there, the visitor can download and listen to the tour. This is done quickly and user-friendly!

User-friendly for deaf and hard of hearing visitors

Because text and images are displayed in the tour via the Mobile Website, it is also user-friendly for deaf and hard-of-hearing visitors.

How does it work for you as a customer to install this?

This is very simple! The tour is already ready for the Podcatchers in the Portal, so this is easy to activate for the Mobile Website. The Mobile Website also shows images and text, so if this is not already included in the tour, you can easily add it. How to do this is explained below.

How do I prepare my Tour for the Mobile Website?

As we indicate above, you can make the audio tour available via the Mobile Website in the Portal. You can do this by:

  • Go to the Tour editor in the Portal
  • Select the tour you want to use for the Mobile Website here
  • Open the tab: “General”
  • Check “Mobile Website”
  • And click “Save” at the bottom

Enable stops for the Mobile Tour

Now you can choose which stops you want to use for the Mobile Tour. To do this, go to:

  • “Stop list” in the tour
  • Click on the globe icon at each stop and set the availability

What should the stops have?

The Mobile Website shows images and possibly text. In this way, the visitor knows, for example, which painting or object the audio fragment belongs to.

For the tour itself it is possible to add an image and a logo. Visitors will see this when they open the Mobile Website.

You can add an image per stop, but also a description. This is possible per language. This way, all visitors can follow the online tour in different languages.

  • For the ultimate experience, we therefore recommend per stop:
  • Add an audio file (required)
  • Adding an image, so that visitors have an image with the audio clip.
  • Add text. For example, deaf and hard of hearing visitors can also follow the tour.

Where can I find my unique code?

A unique site code is available for you in the Portal. Proceed to:

To go to and log in, you can then click on “Manage site” then choose: “Mobile Audio Tour Web App”

You will then see the following in the Portal

This is the unique site code that can be entered by the visitor to download and then follow the tour.

Can I choose my own code?

The code is unique and therefore cannot be modified.

How do I create a unique QR code?

If you want a QR code to hang at the entrance or to place on your own website, you can create it via: This is a free tool. By typing here the link to the Mobile Website including the unique code, a unique QR code is created.

  • Enter the URL with your unique code behind it: (your unique code)
  • Choose: “Create QR Code” *
  • Then choose: “Download PNG”
  • The unique QR code has now been created and can be displayed at the start of the tour or posted on the website.

* We recommend to leave the color of the QR code black.

The numerical IDentifier

The stops in the Tour are displayed in the same order as the Tour editor in the Portal, but it is also possible to set a numerical trigger for each stop. This allows you to determine the correct order on the Mobile Website. To use this function, go in the Portal to:

  • “Triggers”
  • “Add”
  • “Show more”
  • “Numeric (Apps)
  • “Next>”

Here you can enter the number for the stop:

Repeat these steps for each stop.

You are ready!

The tour is now completely ready for the visitors!

Do not forget to post the unique QR code or the link with the unique code from the Portal at the entrance.

Have fun offering the audio tour via the Mobile Website!