How long does a synchronization take?

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The daily synchronization which downloads the logs data for the analytics, sends the MMV e-mails and checks the Podcatchers for errors, only take a few minutes each day. If you have made a few small changes which need to be synced, it will not take that long.

When you Sync your content for the first time and all the new content has to written on to the Podcatcher,  it can take a long time depending on the amount of content you have.

On average; it will take a Podcatcher as much time to sync as the total amount of audio (in minutes) you’ve uploaded since the last sync.

For instance, if you have an audio tour of 30 minutes in 2 languages, you have about 1 hour of content. It will then take a Podcatcher 1 hour to sync. Important: there are up to 10 Podcatchers in one Dockingstations, and they all sync one after another. So for all 10 Podcatchers to finish the Sync it will take 10x 1 hour = 10 hours in total. If you have multiple Dockingstations, all the Dockingstations start syncing simultaneously.

If you would like to add multiple languages, but you do not have enough time before the opening to Sync all the languages, we advise to upload, publish and sync one or two languages for now. You can add the rest later.