Configuring the start of a Tour

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The Podcatcher needs to know which objects it can expect on top of which language it should play the audio in. We can let it know with one of two methods: the most common one is using Start IDentifiers, the alternative is the Autostart IDentifier.

Audio added to a Stop with either trigger will be played as usual after the Podcatcher receives the trigger. We’ve noticed it’s common for these Stops to contain audio like “You have chosen English” when starting a Tour in English, “U heeft gekozen voor Nederlands” for a Tour in Dutch, “Sie haben Deutsch gew√§hlt”, for German, and so on. Some Sites also add an instruction for visitors to it, but it is up to you to decide what’s most appropriate here.

Start IDentifier

Start IDentifiers, as the name suggests, start a Tour by pointing the Podcatcher at an IDentifier. It can be any IDentifier you have, however usually these will have a flag printed on the label to distinguish between languages. Note that a Stop designated as a Start IDentifier Stop can have multiple Start IDentifiers added to it – one or multiple for each language in the Tour. If the Tour has the default stops created (the checkbox at the bottom of making a new Tour), the ‘Activate Podcatcher’ Stop is designed to hold the Start IDentifiers. The only restriction on adding Start IDentifiers is that you can’t have it as an Object or Start IDentifier anywhere else, since the Podcatcher wouldn’t know what to do if it had to both start a new Tour as well as play audio for a Stop in another Tour.

To add a Start IDentifier to a Stop, select it in the Triggers screen for that Stop.

Autostart IDentifier

The Autostart IDentifier is not an actual device, but rather an option for the Podcatcher. It makes the Podcatcher start in the Tour it is assigned to, in the language you’ve specified for it, when it is taken out of the Docking station. However, there can be only one Autostart IDentifier added on a Site, since otherwise the Podcatcher wouldn’t know which Tour or language to use. Therefore, if you decide to use it, it’s advised to use it for your most popular Tour and language.

A Tour started in this fashion can be switched to a different Tour (or language in the same Tour) by pointing the Podcatcher at a Start IDentifier.

To make a Stop be an Autostart Stop, select the Autostart IDentifier in the Triggers screen for that Stop. Click “show more” in the popup to reveal it.